Sharing your performance on the water has never been so easy and fun! Users can upload photos and videos, add various data and share it all with the rest of the world – in-app* and on social media. Learn from your performance and inspire others! This video shows you how to do it.

1. Open your personal account in the Sailmon App

2. Open your trip and add a story by tapping on the plus icon

3. Upload a photo or video from your media gallery

4. Choose the correct time and date stamp. It’s essential to do this precisely. The Sailmon App will automatically synchronise the tracking data with your media. Be aware: tracking before media. Therefore, make sure that your trip is already uploaded to the Sailmon App. All our instruments interface with the Sailmon App.

5. Your story is now available on your timeline and in your trip and visible to other users based on your privacy preferences.

6. It’s also possible to share your performance with the rest of the world, for example, on social media.

Now it’s up to you! Follow your friends and competitors to see where the action takes place. Choose the data you want to show. Start a replay to learn more. But above all: get on the water yourself and share your story!

*Only available on iOS at the moment

Download the Sailmon App and watch the video below