More possibilities to customize your Sailmon instruments

More possibilities to customize your Sailmon instruments

Just when you thought our instruments had reached the limits of customizability, we introduce even more possibilities to your tailor-made Sailmon system. Whether you want to win an important upcoming regatta or you want to maximize your sailing experience, with the new paid features, you can upgrade your electronics to meet your personal needs.

Our new functionalities include E-Tell Tales, Scripting, Modbus, E4 White to E4 Silver upgrade, E4 Silver to E4 Black upgrade and Advanced Page Builder.

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What’s new in V3.5.0?*

E4 / Screen Software
- Custom scripting of any E4 behaviour (ask Sailmon support)
- Read A+T Load Cell data from NMEA2000 messages
- Read multiple Cyclops Load Cell instances from a single NMEA device
- Wind from the external processor can be used for context switching
- Reduced delay for context switching
- Improved backlight adjustments by Buttonbox
- Fix backlight dimming to levels below 1%
- Fix a duplicate element in one portrait layout
- Fix gauges not showing any digits
- Fix global unit selection not applied

NavDesk / Apps
- Depth alarms configurable in NavDesk
- Make Up / Downwind context switch limits adjustable
- Allow hiding description for more elements types
- Expand factor limits for Leeway calculation formula
- 3D TWS calibration table not limited to Downwind anymore
- Global unit selection for Load types (N/kg/Tons)
- Show the name of offline sensors in calibration pages
- Fix broken scrolling down for screen to configure
- Fix broken configuration of some gauge elements

*Only available for Windows. Mac coming soon.