New MAX distributor for Germany and Austria

New MAX distributor for Germany and Austria

Sailmon is pleased to announce a new MAX partnership with Kohlhoff GmbH. The company, which specialises in deck equipment, will be responsible for distributing MAX in Germany and Austria. As an introduction to this new partner adventure, we had a quick chat with CEO Peter Kohlhoff who’s currently in Kieler Woche. 

Nice to meet you, Peter! We have a strong feeling sailing is in your DNA. What’s your background as a sailor?
''That's a good question. I grew up in a sailing family.  That's why I went through the normal career with Optimist Laser 470s, 505s, but later I sailed a lot of One Design classes. Later I also sailed Maxis and Superyachts, so my range covers all boat sizes!''

You’ve started the company in 1991. Why did you start Kohlhoff GmbH specific for deck equipment and how did you manage to grow that fast in three decades?
''Through my active regatta sailing, I discovered that a specialist company for high-tech deck fittings did not exist in Germany. That's why I started working with the best companies in the industry as early as 1991. We have been in business for 30 years now and over the years we have always discovered good products that were unrivalled in the world and that is why we have been able to steadily expand our business.''

Why do you think electronics, Sailmon and Kohlhoff GmbH is a good match?
''Through our cooperation with professionals, we had the need to supply good autopilot systems and, above all, reliable electronics for our projects. As a result, we started working with the French company NKE four years ago and therefore SAILMON in particular the MAX fits particularly well into our portfolio. We try to work with the very best companies in the industry and that is why KOHLHOFF and SAILMON simply belong together in our market.''