Sailmon Empowers DDF SB20 Middle East Championships

Sailmon Empowers DDF SB20 Middle East Championships

Dubai (UAE), Monday, 27th of November 2023 - The upcoming DDF SB20 Middle East Championships, to be held from the 1st until the 3rd of December in Dubai (UAE), will be empowered by the innovations of Sailmon. All participants will be equipped with Sailmon’s MAX Mini tracker, connecting them to the Sailmon App and providing unique possibilities for participants, coaches, and the public to watch, relive, and review the races.

"It's pretty awesome to see our cool mission of bringing sailing into the digital age spreading all over the world, especially in this region where sailing is becoming a big deal. We're super proud to bring our innovations to this awesome event and give the sport, class, club and local community an extra boost!" - CEO Kim Coster.

Tracking provides perfect debrief
The MAX Mini automatically sends all competitor’s performances on the water to the Sailmon App. Competitors and coaches can relive their race as soon as it ends by analyzing it in the smallest detail on a crystal-clear map, scrolling through time, and selecting various data. They also have the possibility to compare their performance to anyone in the race. Moreover, the data is combined with (drone) footage to give competitors a unique insight into what happened where and why.

Races can be followed by anyone in the world
All races can be followed (live) in the Sailmon App. After every race, the available drone footage will be integrated into the platform, providing unique opportunities to relive the race and the performance of your favorite team in a spectacular manner.

About Sailmon
In addition to wind and water, Sailmon is a new element that makes sailing, surfing, and foiling more fun and challenging. The Dutch company uses its technology to revolutionize all wind-driving watersports. Sailmon develops hardware and software but is most proud to create a new experience on the water. They believe that capturing and sharing your performance makes you better. Nobody is inspired by untold stories. No one is challenged by unrecorded performances.


👉 Do you want to relive the races of the DDF SB20 Middle East Championships?
1. Open the Sailmon App:
- Computer: go to
- Phone and iPad: download via AppStore or GooglePlay
2. Tap on EVENTS (fourth emoticon at the bottom bar)
3. Search and tap on DDF SB20 Middle East Championships
4. Scroll down and tap on one of the races
5. Tap on 'Start Replay'
6. Scroll through time and data.

👉 Are you interested in tracking/broadcasting for your sailing event?
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