Sailmon tracks the spectacle of the Ocean Fifty Series

Sailmon tracks the spectacle of the Ocean Fifty Series

50-foot multihulls skimming at high speeds over the French waters around Saint Malo. That's a guaranteed spectacle. The Ocean Fifty class therefore decided to use Sailmon's innovations to capture the races of the first Three Grand Prix events. The result? An organisation that digitised its event, participants who had clear insights into their own performances, and an audience that could enjoy the action from anywhere in the world.

"The Ocean Fifty Series is a class that guarantees spectacular races. The innovations from Sailmon give us the opportunity to showcase this to the rest of the world in an accessible and straightforward way. As a result, we attract a lot of attention from new sailors, fans, and sponsors. Moreover, the unique combination of data and drone footage provides a complete overview of everything that happens on the water. This also gives the participants very interesting insights into their own performance." - Emmanuel Versace, offshore racing organiser, including Ocean Fifty Series.

(Official Recap of Ocean 50)

The OCEAN FIFTY class gathers spectacular and accessible multihulls, designed for the open sea. This class is composed of boats 15 metres in length and width, equipped with powerful technologies that allow them to take off and reach record speeds, thus stimulating competition. The only class to take guests on board during the regattas, it seeks to remain accessible and to raise awareness of CSR values, oriented towards the environment, gender equality, and also commitment to medical research.


(Screenshot of race in the Sailmon App - watch full race here)

Three Grand Prix events, between coastal and offshore sailing, supported by members of the class, complete the season’s agenda. The first will take place from 22 to 26 May in Saint-Malo, home to four Ocean Fifty boats (Réalités, Viabilis Océans, Solidaires en Peloton, and Le Rire Médecin-Lamotte). The second from 20 to 24 June in La Baule, where Primonial and Inter Invest are based. The last from 16 to 20 October in Sainte-Maxime, near Marseille, where Wind of Trust (Christopher Pratt) is based. The class has also voted to create a commercial subsidiary, Ocean Fifty Sailing, to promote the brand and its events.



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1. Open the Sailmon App:
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2. Tap on EVENTS
4. Scroll down and tap on one of the races
5. Tap on 'Start Replay'

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