The TF10 – A miniature America’s Cup

The TF10 – A miniature America’s Cup

An impressive shipyard that covers 4300 square meters on a 10,000m2 parcel located right by the IJsselmeer. It’s the ultra-modern production facility where DNA Performance Sailing builds state-of-the-art multihulls for customers all over the world. Foiling multihulls. Because according to DNA sailing can be faster, lighter and more comfortable. The Goal? Making the joy of foiling accessible to every sailor. The means? The TF10.

It’s the mid-80s when a bold teenager decides to sign up for A-class sailing. Despite his young age, an innumerable number of sailing hours are made on a privately built A-cat. It’s that same enthusiasm and passion that became the force behind the launch of Holland Composites by company founder Pieterjan Dwarshuis. A composite manufacturer with a focus on composite yacht construction. Orders follow in rapid order as does the clientele with some well- renowned names including Brunel Sunergy (Dutch entry for the Whitbread Ocean Race in 1997).

DNA Performance Sailing was founded in 2009 as an independent part of Holland Composites from a profound desire to design, engineer and build yachts. Soon Mischa Heemskerk joined the team as Mechanical Engineer. The former professional sailor, multiple world champion in f18 and A-class A-cat 3x helped the company grow rapidly by developing what it ignited 10 years ago: building perfect foiling boats for fast racing as well as leisure sailing. Because anyone who believes that the ultimate America’s Cup foiling sensation is only for the very best sailors in the world is mistaken. With the TF10 trimaran, the Dutch boat builder has constructed a showpiece that no longer limits foiling to the male, experienced and muscular sailor.


The 10m-long one-design TF10 trimaran – also known as the foiling flying machine – was designed four years ago by renowned duo Morrelli & Melvin. The specific properties of a trimaran and foiling technique were aligned to create a one-design. The distinctive pre-preg carbon Nomex honeycomb core guarantees a pleasant racing experience for all type of maritime conditions. ”The threshold for sailing and foiling is not only in the speed but also in the comfort” according to Heemskerk. ”On a catamaran or trimaran, the foils have a big impact on the way the boat behaves in the water. For example, a multihull naturally wants to dip underwater with its nose. The foils completely eliminate this problem. The front foil provides a lift and helps prevents ‘nose-diving’ and the rear foil pulls the rudder down when the boat wants to dive. The hard slamming movements make room for a boat that almost silently flies above the water.’’

The original idea of the TF10 stems from the initiative of a group of five sailing friends on the Us East Coast (Newport, RI). TF10 sailing class was conjured up to make sailing safer and more accessible. No longer the boat, but the sailing experience of the owner/skipper must be decisive for the position in the field. In addition, costs should be reasonable and equal for everyone. It is the expressed goal of the class to avoid an ‘arms race for equipment, sails, and crew’.

Inherent in boat and sailing class innovation is the advanced use of onboard technology that further supports the safety and eases onboard. ”The TF10 is sailed with the rudder elevator pulling down to give more righting moment,” Mischa explains. ”However, the faster you go, the harder the rudder pulls down. In that case, you could pick up the sail again and increase speed until the maximum load of the mast is exceeded. To limit this, there is a load cell in each cap shroud to measure the real-time load. When it reaches it’s maximum, the PLC will reduce the rudder until the maximum load is no longer exceeded. Pull a board up and down or copy the same board and rudder settings from BB to SB at a jibe or tack. Now isn’t it amazing that this at the push of a button can be generated by a PLC? In Sailmon we have found a partner to conveniently read these settings from a display screen, or on a mobile device anywhere on the boat!”



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The renewed approach by DNA Performance, Morrelli & Melvin and the TF10 Class Association hasn’t gone unnoticed. The TF10 was rewarded with a number of important nominations in the year of its big launch, including Multihull of the Year. But more importantly, enthusiasm for the sport is growing. In the meantime, a multitude of members has joined the TF10 Class. The number of boats leaving the DNA performance yard is increasing. And more and more novice sailors see the TF10 benefits which bring DNA Performance one step closer to realizing its original aim: making sailing and the joy of foiling accessible to every sailor.